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Adult Autism Screener 

Could I have undiagnosed Autism?

For those who have lived with undiagnosed autism for years, obtaining a formal diagnosis can be a life-changing experience. A diagnosis can provide a sense of validation and a deeper understanding of oneself. It can also offer practical recommendations to accommodate and manage challenges associated with autistic traits and improve overall quality of life.


If you are an adult who is wondering whether autism might explain some of your struggles, we invite you to take our adult autism screener below. Please keep in mind that this screener is not a diagnostic tool, but rather a screening questionnaire to provide initial insights. Our team is here to support and guide you through the next steps if you decide to seek a comprehensive assessment.

Do you need a comprehensive assessment to help explore the possible autism?  Our adult autism assessments are designed to provide personalised recommendations and support to help you navigate life as an autistic individual. Whether you are seeking a formal diagnosis or simply looking to learn more about your neurodiversity, our team is here to provide a warm and welcoming environment and guide you through the assessment process.

Let us support you – book an adult autism assessment with Clinical Therapy today.

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