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Therapy Journal

Why use a therapy journal?

Psychological therapy is not just about the time spent in session. Psychologists recognise that real change happens between appointments, and clients who take time to reflect and work on skills between their sessions seem to get the most out of therapy overall.

Our therapy journal can be purchased at our clinic, or online using the links below.


How do I use it?

This comprehensive therapy journal is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and compiled by Elizabeth Talbot. It includes space for goal setting, session reflections, and several activities to complement therapy. It is best used in conjunction with therapy, however it could also be used alongside any self-development course, or journey of self-discovery.

Sections include:

  • Goal setting

  • Mood tracking

  • Session reflections

  • Values exercise

  • Self-care planning

  • Thought & behaviour logs

  • Core belief reflections

  • Supports and resources

  • Notes

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What's inside?

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