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Adult ADHD diagnosis considerations

As an adult, confirming ADHD can be tricky. Common signs and symptoms such as difficulty with focus, task initiation and organisation may feel very familiar. You might also relate very strongly to popular ADHD commentators who describe their experience, and the validation that comes with a diagnosis.


You may have completed a screener (like this one) indicating a possible diagnosis, and you might have recently considered that being fidgety, restless, and distractible might be more than quirky personality traits.


It is very possible that there is another explanation for these feelings, but it is also possible that the explanation may be undiagnosed ADHD. 


If a diagnosis was missed in your younger years, it is not always easy to confirm a diagnosis in adulthood. It's possible that you have compensated over the years by developing subtle and unique ways of coping with concentration lapses, impulse control and attention deficits.


For these reasons, a comprehensive assessment, included a full history and information from multiple sources, is necessary to rule in or out ADHD. This should be done by experienced practitioners with an in depth understanding of how ADHD presents in adulthood. 

If the constant effort to manage symptoms is impacting you in a negative way and compromising your quality of life, it may be time to explore the presence of adult ADHD. 


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What does an ADHD assessment involve?

What your assessment will include

  • Intake information: This will be collected after your booking is confirmed.

  • Assessment interview: This includes a full history and can take 60-90 minutes. 

  • Testing session: A unique battery of several psychometric assessments and questionnaires, depending on the information gathered in the assessment interview. This usually takes 2-3 hours.

  • Comprehensive report: Your assessments will be scored and consulted on, and a report will be produced. A diagnosis will be ruled in or out, and your report will include several practical recommendations to take away with you. This report will be produced within 4-6 weeks of your testing session.

  • Feedback session: After receipt of your report we will schedule a 30 minute feedback session to provide a summary and answer any questions you may have. 

What is not included

  • Medication: If you receive a diagnosis and would like to explore possible drug therapies, you will need to contact a GP and/or Psychiatrist to discuss and prescribe appropriate pharmacological therapies.

  • Alternative or co-morbid diagnoses: While your report may provide commentary regarding other possible diagnoses, the report's exclusive purpose is to rule in or out an adult ADHD diagnosis. We may suggest you explore other possible assessment as part of our recommendations. 

  • Guarantees: We pride ourselves on conductive comprehensive and ethical assessments that produce sound and reliable results. For this reason, we cannot guarantee a diagnosis. Sometimes a report may be inconclusive or require further investigation/s. Sometimes a diagnosis will be ruled out, and the rationale for this will be explained. 

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Assessment Fees and  FAQs

  • FEE: $1,400 plus GST 

  • Do you offer instalments? The fee can be paid in two instalments of $700 plus GST

  • How and when do I pay? The full fee or first instalment is due prior to the initial assessment, and the balance is payable before release of your report. Payment can be made via credit cared (Visa or Mastercard), or via direct deposit.

  • How long will it take? Your report should take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. This includes your assessment interview, testing session, and the time taken to score, consult, write, and deliver your report.


Do you need a comprehensive assessment to help explore the possible presence of ADHD?  Would a diagnosic report, regardless of outcome, provide clarity and confirmation to help you move forward with a clearer understanding of yourself?

Let us support you – book an ADHD assessment with Clinical Therapy today.