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Adult ADHD Assessments Kogarah


Adult ADHD diagnosis

As an adult, confirming ADHD can be tricky. Common signs and symptoms such as difficulty with focus, task initiation and organisation may feel very familiar. You might also relate very strongly to popular ADHD commentators who describe their experience, and the validation that comes with a diagnosis.


You may have completed a screener (like this one) indicating a possible diagnosis, and you might have recently considered that being fidgety, restless, and distractible might be more than quirky personality traits.


It is very possible that there is another explanation for these feelings, but it is also possible that the explanation may be undiagnosed ADHD. 

If a diagnosis was missed in your younger years, it is not always easy to confirm a diagnosis in adulthood. It's possible that you have compensated over the years by developing subtle and unique ways of coping with concentration lapses, impulse control and attention deficits.


For these reasons, a comprehensive assessment, included a full history and information from multiple sources, is necessary to rule in or out ADHD. This should be done by experienced practitioners with an in depth understanding of how ADHD presents in adulthood. 

If the constant effort to manage symptoms is impacting you in a negative way and compromising your quality of life, it may be time to explore the presence of adult ADHD. 


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What does the ADHD assessment involve?

  1. Collection of intake information​

  2. Full diagnostic clinical interview (2 hours)

  3. Psychometric testing session (2-3 hours)

  4. Comprehensive report (within 4 weeks)

  5. Feedback session (30mins)

What's included in your comprehensive report

Personalised insights

Read a comprehensive synthesis of your unique background and history, inclusive of previous investigations and treatments, helping you contextualise your current challenges and receive your ADHD assessment with clarity and context.

Confident diagnosis

Receive a considered and justified diagnosis in line with DSM-5 criteria and best practices. Our expert clinicians ensure that your diagnosis is accurate and reliable, providing you with the reassurance and guidance you need.

Revealing psychometics

Explore your detailed test results, including a comprehensive discussion of your cognitive potential, uncovered through our thorough cognitive assessment, empowering you with valuable insights into your strengths and abilities.

Tailored recommendations

Benefit from a tailored list of several recommendations specific to your unique situation. These personalised suggestions will equip you with practical strategies and interventions to optimise your daily functioning and well-being.

Strengths-based approach

Our report offers a strengths-based discussion, explaining your symptoms in light of the assessment results. By focusing on your positive attributes, we empower you to see how your strengths can contribute to managing your ADHD challenges effectively. 

Clear next steps

Our report outlines clear next steps to support you on your path forward. Whether it's therapy, psychiatric consultation, or additional resources, we'll guide you towards the most appropriate avenues to enhance your quality of life.

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Assessment Fees and  FAQs

  • FEE: $1,540 (paid via an inital instalment of $770 at the time of booking, and $770 when the report is ready).

  • Do you offer other instalment plans? We can also offer fortnightly instalments - $350 initially, then $300 fortnightly until paid.

  • How and when do I pay? The full fee or first instalment is due prior to the initial assessment, and the balance is payable before release of your report. Payment can be made via credit cared (Visa or Mastercard), or via direct deposit.

  • How long will it take? Your report should take approximately 4 weeks to complete.

  • What am I paying for? The fee covers the assessment interview and testing session, as well as the cost of the test materials and the time taken to score, consult, write, and deliver your comprehensive report.


Do you need a comprehensive assessment to help explore the possible presence of ADHD?  Would a diagnosic report, regardless of outcome, provide clarity and confirmation to help you move forward with a clearer understanding of yourself?

Let us support you – book an ADHD assessment with Clinical Therapy today.

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