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Comprehensive learning and behaviour assessments for children in Kogarah

Are you concerned about your child's learning abilities or behaviour? Unlock their true potential with our child learning and behaviour assessments in Kogarah. 


We understand the unique challenges that children face when it comes to reading difficulties (previously known as dyslexia), giftedness, ADHD, and Autism. Our comprehensive assessments are specifically tailored for school-aged children, aged 6 to 18 years old.

Discover the key to your child's success as we provide thorough evaluations that delve deep into their unique learning profile. Our experienced team utilises state-of-the-art techniques and compassionate guidance to uncover any hidden barriers and identify areas of strength. From there, we provide invaluable insights to help you understand your child's learning needs better.

Our pricing options, outlined below, are indicative and can be customised to suit your child's specific requirements. We believe that each child is unique, and our assessments cater to their individual needs.We offer instalments and payment plans for all of our assessments. 

Kids in Slide

ADHD Assessment

Cognitive assessment, executive functioning measure, observation, behaviour scales including teacher report.

Price: $1540 

Playing with Wooden Toys

Combined assessment

Combined assessment for Autism/ADHD and learning disorders. Often selected when both behavioural and learning issues are present. 

Price: $2290

School Kids

Full Learning Assessment

Cognitive  and acheivement assessment, parent and teacher reports, observation, behaviour scales.

Price: $1990 

Egg and Spoon Race


Full cognitive assessment and report.


Young Kids in Class

Autism Assessment

Clinical interview and observation, executive functioning measures, behaviour scales, teacher report.

Price: $1690 

Girl with Toys


Please contact us with your specific needs and we will let you know if we can help.

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Childs Pyschologist

"A precise diagnosis is the first step towards empowering children to overcome their challenges and unlock their true potential."
- Dr. Sally Shaywitz, Co-Director, Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity.

What to expect from your assessment

During your child's assessment, you can expect a comprehensive and personalised approach designed to provide valuable insights into their unique learning profile. The process begins with a thorough parent and child interview, where our experienced clinicians take the time to understand your concerns, gather relevant background information, and address any specific needs.

Next, a battery of tests is carefully selected based on best-practices and individual requirements. These tests cover a wide range of areas and are administered during one or two sessions, ensuring a thorough evaluation of your child's strengths and areas of challenge.

Following the assessment, our dedicated team works diligently to prepare a comprehensive report that provides a clear understanding of the findings. This report, delivered within approximately 3-4 weeks, highlights key observations, assessment results, and actionable recommendations tailored to your child's specific needs.

Our clinicians are not only experienced professionals but also embrace a neurodiverse-affirming approach, fostering a supportive environment during the engagement with children. We value their unique strengths and perspectives, ensuring a positive experience throughout the assessment process.

To further support you and your child, we offer a feedback session to discuss the assessment findings and recommendations in-depth. Additionally, we can facilitate communication and collaboration with your child's school and other treating professionals, enabling a holistic approach to their learning journey.

Count on us to provide a comprehensive assessment experience that empowers your child and equips you with the knowledge and guidance necessary to make informed decisions regarding their education and support.

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